INTJ Betrayed

May 11, 2011

For the last six months, a relative of mine has worked with a young lady who volunteered at the non-profit law firm, Associated Counsel for the Accused (A.C.A.) in Seattle, Washington where this relative works.  This young lady was a full time unpaid volunteer who was devoted and loyal to the company.

Anne (her middle name) worked on the computers under the Network Administrator Mark Mayor.  Mark became interested in her sexually and made it known to her.  She, because he was married and because of her Christian faith, rejected his advances.

Recently Mr. Mayor left on vacation with his wife and three children.  Mr Mayor's boss, Jim Robinson, took advantage of the situation and fired Anne stating Mr. Mayor had told him to.  There was no reason for her dismissal.  According to my relative,  Jim Robinson was under pressure to hire Anne by Mark and the rest of the employees and was out to force her to leave in any way possible.

Anne was convinced Mark Mayor had betrayed her and, as a typical INTJ (like myself and my relative that works at A.C.A.), is extremely hurt and upset by this betrayal.  I have met both Jim Robinson and Mark Mayor.  It is out of characteristic for Mark mayor to have done this to Anne.  It is, however, in Jim Robinson's character.  Mark Mayor would have waited until he came back from vacation.  Jim Robinson is a narcissist and cheapskate and fired Anne on Mark's second day of vacation so he would not have to pay her for filling in for Mr. Mayor.  As a typical narcissist, Jim Robinson also was punishing Mr. Mayor since dismissing Anne could have easily waited until Mr. Mayor returned from vacation instead of ruining his vacation with his family. He is also punishing Mr. Mayor for defending Anne and pushing to get her paid while he was gone.

I warned Anne when I saw the email Mr. Mayor had sent to her last month that she would be burned at the stake because of it.  She assured me that Mark Mayor would never do anything to her and they continued to work well together even after she rejected him.  I warned her that Mr. Robinson would cast her as the scapegoat and defend Mark over it if it ever came out.  She is still convinced Mr. Mayor, someone she had looked up to and respected, had betrayed her.  The truth needs to be revealed whatever it is.

Whether it was Mr. Mayor that burned Anne at the stake or not, he needs to ask Anne for forgiveness and defend her from this.  He also needs to step down from A.C.A. as a show of support for Anne and the unfair action that Mr. Robsinson took against her while he was on vacation.  It will be interesting to see if he is a real man or whether he will allow Anne to burned at the stake for no reason.

Here is one of the emails Anne made public after she was convinced Mr. Mayor had betrayed her:


Mark Mayor to me
show details Apr 8

Oh my, I am so sorry.

I read your email before the encrypted doc and I am so sorry that I made you feel bad – that was not my intention. My actually intent was to portray a more relaxed approach to our situation letting you know that I’m here and ready when you’re ready. You don’t have to prove anything.

I cannot meet you for coffee over the weekend, especially not this weekend; but let’s step out today for a bite/beverage/walk to talk (as long as there is nothing critical that pops-up).

Games with Sofia, I have long considered myself naïve and, as you suggested before - I may be playing games; but I am blind to them, so if you could point them out I would appreciate it.

Mark Mayor
IT Manager
Associated Counsel for the Accused
110 Prefontaine Place South
Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98104

No matter what it looks like...
Nothing in this email should be
construed or interpreted as legal advice.